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Conceptual role: semantics of the conceptual role - is about representations in connection with functions of thinking instead of functions of language use. - Locus classicus Ned Block conceptual role semantics, CRS. See also compositionality, truth functional semantics, inferential semantics, inferentialism.

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Fodor IV 163
Meaning/Conceptual Role/Conceptual Role Semantics/Block: Thesis: the meaning of an expression is its role in a language.
Fodor/Lepore: this invites to the conclusion that expressions belonging to different languages ​​have different meanings.
This leads to "translation holism" rather than to content holism.
Lit: Block "Advertisement for a semantics for psychology" is much quoted.
CRT/Block/Fodor/Lepore: "conceptual role theory". Theory of the conceptual role, semantics of the conceptual role. Thesis: The meaning of an expression is its semantic role (or inferential role). Block: believes that a version of this theory is true, but does not want to decide which one.
In any case, according to Block, it is the only one that satisfies the conditions of cognitive science.
Fodor/LeporeVsBlock: his arguments for CRT are not the deciding ones. But this does not lead to Semantic Holism anyway. It should be asserted together with the distinction analytic/synthetic.
IV 165
Semantics/Content/Computation/Naturalism/CRT/Block: a semantic theory must satisfy the following conditions to be appropriate to a naturalistic, computational psychology:
1) Explain the relation between meaning/reference
2) What gives meaning to expressions?
3) Explain the dependence of the meaning of representation systems
4) Explain compositionality
5) Explain the relation between meaning mind/brain
6) Explain the relation between autonomous and inherited meaning
7) Explain the connections between knowledge/learning/use of expressions and their meaning
8) Explain why different aspects of meaning are differently relevant to reference and psychology.
IV 168
Semantics of Conceptual Role/CRT/Block Fodor/Lepore: equates meaning with inferential role. (Naturalistic version: causal role).

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Block I
N. Block
Consciousness, Function, and Representation: Collected Papers, Volume 1 (Bradford Books) Cambridge 2007

J. Fodor/E. Lepore
Holism Cambridge USA Oxford UK 1992

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