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Materialism: A. Materialism in philosophy of mind is the view that matter is the fundamental substance in nature, and that all things, including mental states and consciousness, are results of material interactions of material things. See also Identity theory, Functionalism, Consiousness. - B. Materialism in political philosophy is the view that the material conditions of a society, such as its economic system and technological development, are the primary determinants of its social and political structures. See also Economic systems, Society, State, Economy.<
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Peter Bieri on Materialism - Dictionary of Arguments

I 61
"Minimal Materialism"/Bieri: is the underlying thesis here: we have no more than covariance, dependence and determinism.
, >Covariance, >Dependence, >Determinism, >Materialism, cf. >Identity theory, >Physicalism.

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Bieri I
Peter Bieri
Was macht Bewusstsein zu einem Rätsel?
Bewusstein, Thomas Metzinger, Paderborn/München/Wien/Zürich 1996

Bieri III
P. Bieri
Analytische Philosophie des Geistes Weinheim 2007

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