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Consciousness, philosophy: The experience of differences along with a knowledge about alternatives as opposed to purely automatic responses. See also intentionality, identity theory, other minds.

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Metz I 65ff
Consciousness/Leibniz/Bieri: it is the factory as a whole which is responsible for consciousness.
Metz I 66/67
Consciousness/Bieri: not laws are the problem, certainly there are some. - Problem: why they exist, what in the brain makes it necessary that a person experiences anything? - Unlike gravity: consciousness is a system property.
II 61
Consciousness/Bieri: is no uniform phenomenon. Inner drive, inner control, awareness, sensitivity ability (in any case not the same as self-awareness).
Discriminative behavior, appropriate to a situation, coherent over a period of time, "integrated".
Some mental states are verbalizable, others are not.
Consciousness in the cognitive sense, however, does not appear to be something intellectual that is impenetrable.
II 64
Experience/Riddle: the experience is the mystery, not its representation.
Consciousness/du Bois Reymond: "cannot be explained from its material conditions".
BieriVsdu Bois Reymond: why should it be? - Thesis: it is also not explained by the material conditions, if we know (which we do not now) all the material conditions.
Consciousness/Leibniz: it is the "factory as a whole" that is responsible for consciousness.
II 74
Explanation/Bieri: it always means revealing a certain kind of relationship.
Puzzle/consciousness/Bieri: we have no idea what would be a solution, an understanding.
But it would be very strange if there was a special relationship here, which does not exist anywhere else. (VsMcGinn).
If there were a being that shows us this strange relationship, we would not understand it, we could not comprehend it.

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Bieri I
P. Bieri
Analytische Philosophie des Geistes Weinheim 2007

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