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Norbert Bolz, Willem van Reijen, Walter Benjamin Frankfurt 1991

I 45
Translation/Benjamin: a translation cannot be made directly from the one language into the other, but it can only work mediated. Translation: that the human names things as God has given it to him. "The objectivity of this translation is vouched in God." This excludes two things:
1. abstract similarity relation
2. that language can be adequately described in terms of semiotics.
Translation: Each translation undergoes a "continuum of transformations" in which the one language as the translation of the other remains related to the unchangeable Word of God, whose imperfect imitation are all of them.
I 50
Translation/Benjamin: "The task of the translator": the translation is subordinate to the original. Also the original is however itself a translation.
I 50f
Translation: a translation is not a comparison with the original, but only with regard to whether the translation, the intentionless, is the same as the original.
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