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Norbert Bolz, Willem van Reijen, Walter Benjamin Frankfurt 1991

I 13
Language/Benjamin: language is not primarily a means of communication, but the medium in which the world is revealed to us.
I 41
Language/Benjamin: BenjaminVsEquality of language and communication: Language is not pronouncing thoughts. There is nothing that is not in some sense language.
I 42
Language/Benjamin: Form of all existing, all existing communicates. The communication through the word is only a special case of language. But this does not mean that the mental being is identical with the linguistic communication.
Language: there is an unbreakable contrast between linguistic and mental being. The language communicates itself.
We must distinguish between "thing" and "language thing".
Language: language is not identical with "language at all".
I 44
Language/Hamann: "Language is the mother of reason and revelation, its most important thing". > Benjamin.
Names: Jewish custom: everyone has a secret name.
I 56
Language/Benjamin: Grief and melancholy make speechless, but precisely this speechlessness can represent the essence of language.
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