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Nuel Belnap
AMD II p340
Substitutional Quantification/SQ//Belnap/Dunn: did not even require ontology of expressions - KripkeVs: it does - KripkeVsBelnap: if no ontological commitment (OC), then why should L be metalanguage of L0? - Then T (x) no predicate, then the metalanguage is a mere form without interpretation - then no truth theory
II 341
SQ/Belnap: the expressions of metalanguage designate, or they do not.
II 344
KripkeVsBelnap: cannot be answered so categorically - the answer depends on both: on L0 and on the existence of simple chain predicates - you can also define (and derive) many new symbol strings - That does not mean that the new ontology has anything to do with the alleged or real "designation" of the expressions
II 342
Truth Theory/KripkeVsWallace/VsBelnap: metalanguage may not purely formally be construed as uninterpreted - (object language may be)

Beln I
N. Belnap
Facing the Future: Agents and Choices in Our Indeterminist World Oxford 2001

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