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Significance, philosophy: something is significate that makes a difference in regard to the truth or falsity of a judgment. When determining the significance, the question is whether a threshold value has been exceeded. See also relevance, truth values, judgment, statistics.

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P. Beck-Bornholdt on Significance - Dictionary of Arguments

Beck-Bornholdt/Dubben. Der Hund, der Eier legt Reinbek 1997
I 47
Def Significance/Statistics/Beck-Bornholt: a result is considered to be significant if the probability that it is an incidental finding is not greater than 5% - arbitrary (but internationally recognized). - The threshold should be lowered -> four-field test: Determines how likely it is that we suspect differences where none exist. - II 48 The chase after significance leads to new errors. - Significant results may be inconsequential. - Error: testing until a desired result comes out. - II 116 those who do not find a significant difference do not prove that there is no difference.
I 113
Statistics/Clinical Trials/Number/Significance: in a study with few patients major differences can only be confirmed or refuted. - II 114 - Problem: with a high caseload in the end everything is significant, but not necessarily interesting.
I 237
Significance/Statistics/Beck-Bornholt: the fixed level of significance should depend on what consequences a possible error has - e.g. an umbrella with 95% reliability is okay, a parachute is not.

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Beck-B I
Hans-Peter Beck-Bornholdt
Hans-Hermann Dubben
Der Hund, der Eier legt. Erkennen von Fehlinformation durch Querdenken Reinbek 2001

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