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Foucault I 84
Deception/Francis Bacon/Foucault: Critique of similarity: Bacon does not dissolve the similarity by the evidence and its rules. He shows it in its flickering.
A) the cave and the theater make us believe that things are similar to what we have learned, and the theories we have formed.
B) other idols make us believe that things are similar. "The human mind presupposes, by virtue of its nature, a greater regularity or equality than it finds later.
And although in nature many things occur only once, or are full of inequalities, the mind still attaches to the things much coherent, corresponding things, and relations which do not exist.
Hence those fictions that the celestial bodies move in perfect circles ... ". These are the idols of the tribe, spontaneous fictions of the mind.
Idols of the market: means the same name for things which are not of the same nature. ((s) > Categories: Greek kato ap agora).

Fouc I
M. Foucault
The Order of Things: An Archaeology of Human Sciences 1994

Fouc II
Michel Foucault
Archäologie des Wissens Frankfurt/M. 1981

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