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Frank I 80
Subject/Grammar/Anscombe: the subject position does not necessarily have to be occupied by a referencing expression: e.g. "it rains".
What does follow from this?
Fra I 81
That the sentence "I am E. Anscombe" is not an identity sentence from the mouth of E. Anscombe! It is only connected with the identity sentence "This thing here is E.A.".
Also "I am this thing here" is not an identity sentence, but all are true sentences, because I can verify my thoughts as examples of the reflected consciousness of the states, actions, and movements "of this body here."
The ideas are to be related to this thing here. What ideas? Why not my ideas? This cannot be because the reflexive pronoun would raise the question of a referent and would thus embarrass Anscombe (""I" does not refer").

Fra I
M. Frank (Hrsg.)
Analytische Theorien des Selbstbewusstseins Frankfurt 1994

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