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Sorites: the term is derived from the Greek word soros for pile and denotes the difficulty of specifying the point at which the expression “pile” can no longer be applied because the amount of the substance concentrated on the pile is reduced. A similar problem relates to the delineation of color shades. See also vagueness, limits, indeterminacy, perception, chain closure, paradoxes.

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Adams-Conditional/Sorites/Field: in Sorites, the generalized Adams conditional leads to all assumptions being highly credible, even for the clearest borderline cases. But the Sorites argument does not preserve the credibility in this reading.
Probability function P/Field: from several different P, the same Q can be constructed, so P is not really important to describe the agent. Then one could say:
1. That Q is a fully legitimated belief function.
2. That P is not a legitimate belief function. This would be hard to justify if the process from P to Q could be repeated so that it provides a Q* that is different from Q, but that is not the case. If we define Q*(A) as Q(DA), then Q* is simply equal to Q. This is our reason for using S4.

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