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Dimitry Furman on Post-communist Era - Dictionary of Arguments

Krastev I 105
Post-communist era/Governance/Furman/Krastev: [Rigged] elections were well adapted to the nature of a regime that was neither exploiting the people (as in China's export industry today) nor trying to 'remake' the people (as in the Soviet Union of old) but rather was placating them with relative prosperity and stability and afterwards ignoring them while amassing astronomical riches from the sale of Russia's natural resources abroad. Incapacity-hiding, not capacity-building, was (and remains) at the heart of Putin's statecraft. It has allowed him to exercise uncontrolled power with minimal resort to force.
Furman: As Furman asserted, 'no tsar or general secretary had ever enjoyed such power in society based so little on fear.(1) Functioning in 'democratic' framework, Putin could not put 100,000 people in prison in order to secure his unchecked power. But he could arrest a few and make sure that other potential challengers got the message. >Democracy/Furman, >Political Technolgy/Krastev.
Krastev I 107
The winter protests of 2011-12 seemed to confirm Furman’s claim about the internal instability of fake democracy. They provided tantalizing evidence for his prediction that ephemeral regimes of this sort would end when the democratic 'word' became 'flesh' and an awakened electorate poured onto the streets to defeat the outdated authoritarian machinery. Perhaps because of Putin's fear that Muscovites might choose to imitate the pro-democracy effervescence in Kiev that brought down Ukraine's pro-Kremlin government, Furman's hoped-for democratic awakening never materialized.

1. Cited in Perry Anderson, 'Imitation Democracy', London Review of Books 37: 16
(27 August 2015).

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Furman, Dimitry
Krastev I
Ivan Krastev
Stephen Holmes
The Light that Failed: A Reckoning London 2019

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