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Ivan Krastev on World Order - Dictionary of Arguments

Krastev I 17
World Order/Krastev: The coming clash between America and China is bound to be world-changing, but it will be about trade, resources, technology, turf and the ability to shape a global environment hospitable to the two countries’ very different national interests and ideals.
Human Future: It will not involve a conflict between rival universal visions of the human future, in which each side attempts to recruit allies to its side by ideological conversion and revolutionary regime change.
Morals: In today’s international system, naked power asymmetries have already begun to replace alleged moral asymmetries. This explains why the Sino-American rivalry cannot be accurately described as ‘a new Cold War’.
Coalitions: Alliances are dissolving and re-coalescing kaleidoscopically, with countries abandoning long-term ideological partnerships for ephemeral marriages of convenience.

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Krastev I
Ivan Krastev
Stephen Holmes
The Light that Failed: A Reckoning London 2019

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