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Marsilius of Padua on Papacy - Dictionary of Arguments

Höffe I 179
Papacy/Marsilius/Höffe: MarsiliusVsPapacy: According to Marsilius, the governor of God on earth, the Roman bishop, is not a prince of peace, but the main cause of discord.
Claim to power: Marsilius' papal criticism continues in the criticism of the claim to primacy of the Popes. Rightly understood, the Roman bishops were no longer merely a representative of Christian unity. The primacy over the other bishops had no biblical authority, it was only due to a historical habit, voluntary agreement and pragmatic considerations.
Councils: Consequently, Marsilius, even in the theological field, in all questions of Christian doctrine, declares that the Bishop of Rome is subject to a higher authority and that only this, a general council, is infallible. All the Pope's worldly claims to power, as well as - it must be added - those of a council, are rejected all around.
Secular power: The claim to secular power made by the clergy cannot be justified in any way: "If a plurality of governments (Höffe: i.e. the duality of state and church power) is established, then no empire and no city becomes a unity(1).

1. Marsilius, Defensor pacis, I, 17, §7

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Marsilius of Padua
Höffe I
Otfried Höffe
Geschichte des politischen Denkens München 2016

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