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Twin Earth/SchifferVsFolk Psychology: must be false because in twin earth, a different belief has the same functional role. - E.g. Ralph believes there are cats. - Twin Earth Ralph believes "there are cats" (but there are twin earth cats). - So twin earth Ralph does not believe that there are cats, so there are two different beliefs but the same functional role. - Twin Earth Ralph is in the same neural Z-type N. - The specification of belief might require reference to cats, but the counterfactual nature of the condition would ensure that N is satisfied for twin earth Ralph. - N.B.: that does not follow from a truth about functional roles in general, but with respect to the theory T* (folk psychology). - Outside the folk psychology: -"every token of "cat" is triggered by viewing a cat". - Incorrect solution: platitude: "typically triggered by cats". This cannot be a necessary condition. - In addition, there are twin earth-examples, where typical belief is unreliable for their own truth. - VsDescription: no solution: "that thing in front of me".

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Schi I
St. Schiffer
Remnants of Meaning Cambridge 1987

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