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Twin earth: is an expression from a thought experiment by H. Putnam (H. Putnam, The meaning of ‘meaning’, In Philosophical Papers, Vol. 2 Mind, Language and Reality, Cambridge, 1985). It is assumed that there is a second earth, which resembles our own in every detail, except for the composition of the substance water. However, the twin earth-water has phenomenologically the same properties as our water and is also called water there. The example should show that we cannot determine the reference of expressions independently of the environment. See also reference, externalism, internalism, anti-individualism.

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W. Poundstone on Twin Earth - Dictionary of Arguments

I 323
Twin Earth/PoundstoneVsPutnam: long molecular chains correspond with sticky liquids - then no confusability - the water would be undrinkable - thought experiments: physical feasibility is relevant - Twin Earth/Poundstone: only possible connection: hydrogen/oxygen (peroxide): extremely unstable. when ammonia is liquid, mercury is fixed - completely different world - (s) H2O/XYZ cannot be the only change then - (s) Poundstone argues holistically - Putnam: _ identical experiences - but more than a reality that fits to it.
I 327
Translation/Twin Earth/PoundstoneVsPutnam: Variant: supposing there is a text of "Schiller", "The Maid of Orleans" - but translation would result into Urfaust - then slogan: "meanings are not in the book" - Vs: such a translation would not be possible because the word frequencies would have to give the same pattern in each translation - solution: algorithm which completely modifies the text - N.B.: there is no evidence that the Voynich manuscript is not a translation of a known text.

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Poundstone I
William Poundstone
Labyrinths of Reason, NY, 1988
German Edition:
Im Labyrinth des Denkens Hamburg 1995

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