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Definition state/Lewis: special type of properties: properties of things at certain times.
IV 40
World state/world stage/Lewis: X is a WS of Y iff
1) X is a possible individual that is entirely part of one world and part of Y and - 2) X is not a proper part of any other individual of which the same is true - Definition counterpart-relative/Lewis: Y is. c.-r. iff any two GZ of Y are counterparts - Definition maximum counterpart-relative/Lewis: Y is m. c.-r. iff - 1) Y is counterpart-relative and - 2) not a proper part of any of another individual of which the same is true.

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D. Lewis
Die Identität von Körper und Geist Frankfurt 1989

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Konventionen Berlin 1975

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Philosophical Papers Bd I New York Oxford 1983

D. Lewis
Philosophical Papers Bd II New York Oxford 1986

LwCl I
Cl. I. Lewis
Mind and the World Order: Outline of a Theory of Knowledge (Dover Books on Western Philosophy) 1991

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