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Future: future is a collective term for a set of events that occurs or could occur temporally after the present. In contrast to the set of past events, which cannot be changed, the future can be shaped within a certain framework. See also past, present, time, truth.

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VI 127f
Future/QuineVsAristotle: E.g. "tomorrow’s sea battle": tomorrow’s sea battle does not exist. Therefore, no statements about it. Not even the statement that "it is not true now".. -assumes 1) omniscient God - 2) determinism - incompatible with our freedom of action - Freedom/Quine: we do what we decide to do - whether decisions are determined is not the issue - Sentence of the excluded third: is definitely valid - is at most, incomplete - ambiguous propositions are not true, but the corresponding propositions - Completion: does not lie in the future, though - (s) but lies in information - truth value: can be left open, but not the meaning of the sentence.
VI 129
Pro three-valued logic: truth value, and not whether the sentence makes sense, would depend on the existence of the unicorn - as it should be - Vs: problem: too many truth-function combinations.

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