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Real future/Dummett: sentences about the future, true or false, depending on what happens in the future - unreal future: sentences about current trends: t/f depends on the current assertability conditions - if present tense form decidable, then truth conditions manifestable by the speaker - compound sentences about the future: make distinction truth/assertibility necessary - e.g. antecedent in conditional -> Extension of the truth conditions by correctness/incorrectness.
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Dum III 167
Future/Law of the Excluded Middle/Dummett: applies here as well - otherwise one would have to deny real future and allow only unreal future: only current trends.
III 175
Knowledge/Future/Dummett: two types of advance knowledge: 1) the prediction based on causal laws 2) Knowledge by intention - if I believe I can predict the non-happening of an event, I cannot also believe I can contribute something to bring it about without falling into contradictions.
III 182
Time/Future/Knowledge/(s)/Dummett: E.g. if I can decide whether I take the bike to get there sooner, then I cannot be unaware if I will arrive sooner.

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G. Evans/J. McDowell
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