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Rorty VI 87
Truth/Putnam: we cannot get around, that there is some sort of truth, any kind of accuracy, that has substance, and not merely owes the "disquotation". This means that the normative cannot be eliminated. Putnam: this accuracy cannot only apply for a time and a place. (RortyVsPutnam).
Putnam I 144f
Disquotation/Putnam: says that criterion W is correct, but not how one can define "true" so that the criterion will be met - disquotation does not allow also, to remove the predicate "true" from all contexts. - E.g. with what sentence, which does not contain "true", shall this be equivalent: "If the premises of a conclusion of the form p or q, not p, so q, are both true in S, then the conclusion is also true in S"? - Tarski's theory goes beyond disquotation because it provides an equivalence with variables and quantifiers that alone does not provide the disquotation.

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Pu I
H. Putnam
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Ro I
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