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Time travel: A time travel is the traveling of one or more subjects from their respective present into a time which, from the point of view of these subjects, lies in the past or in the future. It is usually assumed that the traveler maintains their age and biological condition. Therefore, in the case of time travels, a hierarchy of several times is to be assumed, namely the proper time of the travelers which determines their biological age, the duration of the procedure of the travel and the historical time of the "destination". Logical problems associated with time travel are inter alia contradictions related to the fact that events of the past could be influenced after they occurred. See also time, time reversal, symmetry, time arrow, grandfather paradox.

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Gerhard Vollmer on Time Travel - Dictionary of Arguments

II 238
Time reversal-invariance/T-invariance/irreversibility/Vollmer: E.g. equations that contain a (first or higher) derivative with respect to time. - E.g. equation for motion with friction - E.g. movement under radiation damping. - E.g. Fourier equation for heat conduction. - But these are not yet the basic equations - E.g. friction consists of many shocks.
II 243f
Time reversal-invariance/T-invariance/time asymmetry/asymmetry/time/time direction/Vollmer: single injury in nature: the decay of neutral kaons (K02 mesons) due to the weak interaction. - N.B.: the asymmetry occurs here also in the fundamental equation. - That is, it is the dynamic law that distinguishes between past and future and so distinguishes a time direction. - (As the only in nature).
II 245
Time reversal/Physics/Vollmer: can only mean a reversal of all the processes - E.g. electrodynamics: here, too, the currents and the magnetic fields must be reversed. - Then their equations are also T-invariant.
II 254
Time reversal/film/backwards/Vollmer: if we were in a movie and it would run backwards, we would not notice because all time arrows would be reversed.

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Vollmer I
G. Vollmer
Was können wir wissen? Bd. I Die Natur der Erkenntnis. Beiträge zur Evolutionären Erkenntnistheorie Stuttgart 1988

Vollmer II
G. Vollmer
Was können wir wissen? Bd II Die Erkenntnis der Natur. Beiträge zur modernen Naturphilosophie Stuttgart 1988

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