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I 376
Time/space/logic/Wessel: no problem as relation predicates: "before", "next", etc. Problem: if seen as subjects, which in turn are ascribed to predicates - e.g. "space is curved" - "narrows", "time slows down", etc.
I 376
Time/introduction/Wessel: analogous to the introduction of space termini, same problems basis: experience of the human.
I 378
Time/existence/Wessel: here they are not persistent empirical objects (material objects) but changes of objects that build temporal structures - here the "differing temporality" of changes is important - the changes exist at different times, but the time structure itself exists for us only when it is fixed by us - so there is no sense to speak of the existence of a given time, but only of a space area where we observe the changes (time and space are not separated) - one can say, changes are "identically spaced".
I 378/79
Structure/existence/time/space/Wessel: the question of the existence of structures is attributed to the existence of order relations a a Rb, and the latter is defined as a function of the existence of a and b - changes of the spatial structure cannot be verified.
I 380
Time/time structure/Wessel: to speak of "the same time structure", it must be formed of the same objects.

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H. Wessel
Logik Berlin 1999

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