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I 90f
Interval/Time/Time Interval/mereology/van Benthem/Needham/Simons: Time terms and terms of temporal intervals. - Needham: temporal betweenness. - Benthem: Time organization - (+)
I 117
Object/thing/object/everyday language/time/existence/modification/terminology/Simons: we say, an ordinary material object lasts in time (enduring in time) but it is not extended in time (developing, extending, extended in time ). - Participants in the race (continuants) have no temporal parts. - The race has temporal parts.
I 178
Time/Simons: we assume it as being dense and empty - not relativized onto events. - Singular Term: also not temporally relativized. - Identity predicate: not time relativized (unlike existence predicate). - Time relativized: "true-to-t". - Points in time themselves are not relativized temporal.

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Si I
P. Simons
Parts Oxford New York 1987

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