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Time: A. Time is a dimension in which events are arranged. At first, no direction (before / after) is defined with this. A time direction can be obtained in the context of the Second Principle of Thermodynamics. However, a global framework must be assumed, within which there is an increase of entropy. The assumption of increasing entropy does not apply to the comparison of local events. B. In the case of the subjective time, the question of direction is less problematic. The perceived time direction is expressed by the learned use of the terms "before" and "after". See also time arrow, time travel, time reversal, symmetry, duration, space time, relativity theory, four-dimensionalism, world lines.

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Bertrand Russell on Time - Dictionary of Arguments

B. Russell, ABC of Relativity Theory 38
Time/Concurrence/Relativity Theory/Russell: concurrence only has a meaning with respect to an observer. - Each clock measures its own time correctly. - The own time does not provide a measure of bodies moving relative to it. - From the perspective of accelerated electrons their own mass remains equal. - For them, the observer becomes thicker or thinner. - Russell: We must look at the distances between events, not between bodies.
Concurrence/Russell: comes into play in relation with congruence.
Time/Place/Relativity Theory/Russell: There is no same time for different observers. - That is why we always need to provide the time and place for an event. - Event instead of body: is an observed body.
Time/Time Dilatation/Relativity Theory/Special Relativity Theory/Russell: events towards which the traveler is moving seem to him like things of the past. - The events lying behind him seem to be in the future. - For the observer standing on the railway line they seem to be in the present.
Power/Relativity Theory/Russell: is no longer a fundamental concept of dynamics - more like "sunrise". The same force applied to a heavy body does not cause as much acceleration as a lighter one.
"During"/Relativity Theory/Physics/Logical Form/Russell: multiplication with time. - ((s) Division: E.g. speed: would not be referred to as "during" - In contrast, "during": E.g. Maintained speed times a time - result: distance traveled -> acceleration.
sec2: here multiplication comes in again. - the fact that a particle follows a geodesic is then the "principle of least effect".

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