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AU Cas 4
Definition mark/Luhmann: difference of signifier and signified - not "the designated"! - Character: a form with two sides: one always uses the inner side of the form. -> Spencer-Brown.
AU Cass 12
Character/world/ontology/Saussure/Luhmann: signs and signified are both linguistically internal. - One could not have words, if one does not mean something with them. - On the other hand: you can make any decisions without anything getting doubled. - The sign means what it means in use, so the meaning of apple, is not the apple itself - Ambiguous. Sense of the apple or speaker's intention?
AU Cas 12
sign/re-entry/Luhmann: Re-entry: the distinction between signifier and signified as a distinction is the sign. - The sign is the unity of distinction. - The signifier is not the sign. - This corresponds with a 2nd order observation. - I designate characters. - I designate my distinction - blind spot: the user of the sign cannot really use the unit as a unit. - For this he would need the concept of the sign.

N. Luhmann
Einf├╝hrung in die Systemtheorie Heidelberg 1992

Lu I
N. Luhmann
Die Kunst der Gesellschaft Frankfurt 1997

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