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Word: a structure separated by spaces from other words within a language. In general, words are formed by one or more characters which are attached to one another. Whole words can in turn be interpreted as signs. In human languages, the elements of the words are letters; in computer languages, other symbols are used within words. See also concepts, expressions, terms, language, characters, symbols, subsentential, meaning.
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Cardorff II 68
Words/Heidegger/Cardorff: Heidegger's etymological derivations are controversial (> Tugendhat). E.g. Originally, "place" means "the tip of the spear". .. "The place gathered together into the highest and the utmost, the gathering decomposes and permeates everything, the place, the gathering, brings in to itself.

Martin Heidegger
Sein und Zeit Berlin 2006

Hei II
Peter Cardorff
Martin Heidegger Frankfurt/M. 1991

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