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I 34
Science / Fraassen: thesis: it is not about declaration as such, but about new statements about observable regularities.
I 39
Science / R. Boyd: thesis: the terms of a mature science typically refer. - We need realism, so the success of science does not look like a miracle. - FraassenVsBoyd: Science does not have to explain to its own success.
I 86
Unity / Science / Duhem: DuhemVs English Science: these are "broad but shallow", satisfied with a piecemeal approach (apparatus). - (Duhem per uniformity).
I 196
Philosophy of Science / Fraassen: has nothing to do with logic or philosophy of language. - And vice versa: Fraassen thesis: language problems have nothing to do with the content of science and the structure of the world.

Fr I
B. van Fraassen
The Scientific Image Oxford 1980

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