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McG I 179
McGinn: domesticative theories of knowledge: Newer Version: refers to the externalism with regard to the content of consciousness: the mind and the world can diverge, as far as the skeptic would like to accept. (Putnam, Davidson).
Dav I 18
DavidsonVsHume: there are infinitely many properties, so the ignorance of imaginary objects is possible
I 18
Sense / feature / FregeVsDavidson / Frege per Hume: only what is relevant belongs to the comprehension of sense - therefore "hidden" features may not be part of the meaning - Dummett: these are the "internal characteristics".

D. Davidson
Der Mythos des Subjektiven Stuttgart 1993

D. Davidson
Handlung und Ereignis Frankfurt 1990

D. Davidson
Wahrheit und Interpretation Frankfurt 1990

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