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Values, philosophy: contrary to the notion of economic value, the philosophical concept of value is concerned with the attribution of properties and the characterization of concrete or idealized situations with regard to whether their realization is to be achieved. This is so, because a value can be identified in connection with these situations. See also norms, principles, ethics, morality, utility.

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Graeser I 190
Value/Validation/Lewis: These values ​​should be considered as feeling, believing, desiring - ultimately desire of desire - HarmanVsLewis: 1) intrinsic desire of a higher level misleading. "Desire" has the meaning of intention and is, just like any intention, already self-referential.
I 191
FrankfurtVsHarman: risk of blurring the distinction between the goal (s) and the means, and thus committing oneself to the assumption that goals are equipped with means in a certain way and that’s how we come across them.
Schwarz I 185
Value/ethics/Lewis/Schwarz: values are not inherent in the validated events, but in us. In our wishes - Problem: just because you want something, it’s not necessarily good - Solution: Wishes 2nd stage: desire not to want to smoke - best theory: dispositional - Problem: latent relativism.
Schwarz I 187
LewisVsUtilitarism: neglects perspective.

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