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Rorty I 323
Sellars: wants to consider the human research so that the determination to "necessary final agreement" is described as a causal process which results in the creation of self-portraits of the universe. (Anthropic Principle). (Meets with the idealistic metaphysics of the late Peirce of the evolutionary love).
Sellars II 318
Language/world/Sellars: Vs temptation to imagine facts about non-linguistic objects as non-linguistic entities of a special kind:
non-linguistic pseudo entities. We have seen, however, that "non-linguistic facts" are in another sense linguistic entities themselves.
Their connection with the non-linguistic order is rather something one has made, or must be established, as a relation (but not redundancy).
II 334
1. The correspondence, we were looking for, is limited to elementary statements.
2. It is about the fundamental role that actual statements (or act of thought) play. As pawns in chess: e.g. "Chicago is large."
3. All true statements are in the same sense "true", but they differ in their roles:
"2 + 2 = 4" plays a different role than "this is red". The role is to constitute a projection for the users of language of the world in which they live.
Sellars: pro redundancy theory: if the picture corresponds, one is convinced that "this is green" is true, so one is convinced that this is green.

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Sell I
W. Sellars
Der Empirismus und die Philosophie des Geistes Paderborn 1999

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R. Rorty
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R. Rorty
Philosophie & die Zukunft Frankfurt 2000

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Sell I
W. Sellars
Der Empirismus und die Philosophie des Geistes Paderborn 1999

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