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III 21
Language/world/Rorty: the world contains reasons that our beliefs are true, but that is not to be confused with the (false) claim that a non-linguistic state of the world in itself is an example of truth. (> Metaphysics).
III 21
Vocabularies: the world does not prefer a vocabulary before others. Newton's vocabulary makes it easier for us to describe the world than Aristotle's vocabulary, but it does not prefer it. The human self is created by vocabularies.
III 21
Wrong questions: What place have values in a world of facts? - What place has the intensionality in a world of causality? - What place has the consciousness in a world of molecules? - Are colors more awareness dependent than weights? - What is the relationship between language and thought?
IV 40 ff
Correct Question: (Rorty, Davidson) "Is our use of these words in the way of our use of other words?" It is about whether we use our tools well, not whether our beliefs are contradictory.
Perspective/Berkeley: even mass is perspective. - This leads to a dead end, that all words are perspective to the same degree with respect to human interests. - Solution: One can question according to the correctnes of Wittgenstein's picture of the relationship language/world.
Language/world/Wittgenstein: his picture of this relationship has no place for the distinction subjective/objective (important for Nagel) - or "real"/"not real" evaluation(Williams).
VI 51
Davidson/Dewey: we do not have the ability to distinguish the contribution provided by "the world" for a process of judgment from our own contribution.
Horwich I 446
Language/world/Rorty: there is no reason why the progression of our language game should have something to do with the rest of the world.

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