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Truth, philosophy: a property of sentences, not a property of utterances because utterances are events. See also truth conditions, truth definition, truth functions, truth predicate, truth table, truth theory, truth value, correspondence theory, coherence theory.
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Wright I 66
Definiton Truth/Peirce: that what is justified on an ideal border of recognition when all empirical information is obtained.
PutnamVsPeirce: one cannot simply know when one has all the information. Wright dito.
Horwich I 448
Truth/Pragmatism/Rorty: Peirce: ideal final stage. - JamesVsPeirce: neglects the mind. - "True of" is no analyzable relation - (at least not between inhomogeneous entities). - Rorty: thus James omitts correspondence. - Dewey: completes the way: only the try to interpose "language" or "ghost", can let intentionality appear interesting.

Peir I
Ch. S. Peirce
Philosophical Writings 2011

Wri I
Cr. Wright
Wahrheit und Objektivität Frankfurt 2001

Hor I
P. Horwich (Ed.)
Theories of Truth Aldershot 1994

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