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Truth, philosophy: a property of sentences, not a property of utterances because utterances are events. See also truth conditions, truth definition, truth functions, truth predicate, truth table, truth theory, truth value, correspondence theory, coherence theory.
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StrawsonVsTarski, AustinVsTarski: truth no property - Tarski: Truth is a property.
I 20
Def truth / Austin: statements are true, if they are connected to things, events, etc. of the type of a given situation by descriptive conventions concerning the words (sentences) - Austin: per correspondence theory, but with convention - I 230 so that a statement can be true , a state of affairs must be similar to certain other st.o.a. - I 237 "true" is not logically superfluous as well as "vague"
I 240
Truth / Austin: "true" is used when talking about statements, not sentences. (Strawson ditto).
John L. Austin
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