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Prediction, philosophy: statements about the future are about the conditions under which one is willing to give them credibility. Among other things, this is an assessment of the methods used. See also regularity, causality, reliability, reliability theory, explanation, projectability, induction, deduction, certainty, methods, future, extrapolation, statistics, probability, natural laws, truth values.

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I 28
Prediction/forecast/Maturana: can only be successful in an unchanged environment - there are no individual events predicted but classes of events.
I 150
Prediction/forecast/hypothesis/observation/Maturana: there is nothing like this in science - there are only statements and explanations - these explain the life praxis of the scientist, not an independent reality.
I 172/73
Forecast/prediction/Maturana: only possible if a system is fully described - Calculation of structural changes - Requires ability not to confuse the phenomenon areas - determinism does not influence the possibility of prediction - uncertainty/ambiguity: is there because cognition is the product of ontology of observing and not of an objective reality.

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Mat I
U. Maturana
Biologie der Realität Frankfurt 2000

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