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Four Dimensionalism, Philosophy: The so-called four-dimensionalism is represented by a coordinate system with three space axes and one time axis. The coordinate system represents events by a point, indicating position in space and point in time. Perpetual objects are represented by extended lines. The path of these lines correspond to the object’s changes in space. The thickness of these lines corresponds to the size of the object. By way of cross sections of these world lines (objects and their passage of time), the so-called time slices, the momentary state of the objects can be found. The time slice of a person is not flat, but identical with the person in a moment. See also coordinate system, image, representation, space-time, time, space, change, motion, reference systems.

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I 121
Four-dimensionalism/Flux/Simons (instead continuants) - Then Tib and Tibbles do not share all parts. - But non-identity does not exclude mereological extensionality.
I 122
Four-dimensionalism/Flux/Simons: E.g. "Tibbles at t": an instantaneous three-dimensional phase or time-slice of the four-dimensional object Tibbles - predicates: in four-dimensionalism "eternal". - The change is supported by the Termini ((s) nouns) - Then Tibbles = cat process. - Then never = Tib + Tail - different, alhough all parts in common - then no longer extensionality. - To save these, modality must be denied de re - four-dimensionalism pro extensionality, VsModality de re. - "time slice": still whole human. - ((s) The "thinness" lies in the time period). - Quine: physical objects in four-dimensional space time are indistinguishable from processes.

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Si I
P. Simons
Parts Oxford New York 1987

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