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Inverted Spectra, Philosophy of Mind: A term used to describe a thought experiment showing that we cannot be sure that stimuli (here light wavelengths) will be translated into similar mental states by all subjects. It is possible that a color is not localized at the same place on the color spectrum for all subjects, e.g. in an extreme case one may see something as red which another person considers to be green. Since the use of language is based on both having learned public language, they would use the same word despite their differing subjective experience. See also knowledge how, private language, qualia, skepticism.

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Inverted spectra/Stalnaker: the recent discussion is about the relation between representational and qualitative content. - E.g. then we have different experiences when we both look at a ripe tomato, but the tomato seems to us both red - representational content: the representational content is the same for both! ((s) Both have the experience red) - ((s) So it is about language use) - Not about stimulus as something neutral). - StalnakerVsseparation of qualitative and representational content.
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Inverted spectra/Intra-personnel/language/Stalnaker: E.g. Assuming Fred has reversed his spectrum over time, but his language use has adapted to it. - Then the qualitative content (that stays changed) cannot be identified with the intentional content. - Version: gradual change in small steps. - Important argument: then you cannot say in the end that the whole semantics is changed abruptly.

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R. Stalnaker
Ways a World may be Oxford New York 2003

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