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I 81
Grue/bleen/grue/Goodman/Poundstone: Dictionary German-grue/bleen and grue/bleen-German are symmetrical - the colors can be mutually and confused defined - the question of which formulation is more original is like the question on chicken and egg. - Solution: we must find an aspect under which the situation is not symmetric. - Poundstone: the exchange could already have taken place between Cleopatra and King Henry. - Problem: we would not know it, because we do not know what adjectives they used back then.
I 93
Facetious solution: on the day of decision (time t) the grue/bleen speakers awake and realize that the color of the (still blue) sky has changed from grue to bleen.
I 84
Inverted spectra/Poundstone: not detectable - the only reason for believing we could - it is allegedly correlation with mental states - but these may have changed as well - all present and past experience is compatible with change.
W. Poundstone
I W. Poundstone Im Labyrinth des Denkens, Reinbek 1995

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