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Understanding: the ability to give reasons for a distinction or to justify a selection of options. See also actions, meaning, knowledge.
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AU Cas 12
Understanding/LuhmannVsHabermas: Understanding is already included in the communication. - Otherwise, you would need the recipient as a disciplinary authority. - LuhmannVsSpeech Act Theory: if understanding is part of the communication, you do not need to introduce different types of speech acts (e.g. strategic, communication-oriented, etc.).
AU Cas 13
Understanding/action/Communication/Luhmann: LuhmannVsAction Theory: we must always begin with understanding. - The communication generates in the first place in its component "understanding" the division of information and communication that makes it understanding. - Without understanding we only have behavior. - Understanding includes itself. - It understands that it will be understood - it understands that it is about the condition of participation in the communication, not just about a piece of world. - That sounds psychologically, but it is about the communication itself.

N. Luhmann
Einf├╝hrung in die Systemtheorie Heidelberg 1992

Lu I
N. Luhmann
Die Kunst der Gesellschaft Frankfurt 1997

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