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I 83
SchifferVsReliability: (as the key to representation, e.g. fuel gauge: there are false truth conditional functions possible: E-functions that do not ascribe situations but false words: E.g. "snow". Coal - (for Mentalese) - even under "optimal conditions" - Then it is uncertain whether the reliability has come about on the wrong way.
I 83ff
Arthritis/reliability/mentalese/Relation Theory/SchifferVsFodor: ... + ... - Alfred thinks in his idiolect. - Supposing there is a second function g that assigns a condition to Arthritis that we connect with shmarthritis (rheumatic-like). - Then: you cannot determine if Alfred is more reliable according to f (attribution of truth conditions) or g (attribution of false words). - Condition (c): an M-function f is the truth conditional function for x' lingua mentis M iff (a preferred balance of) the head-reliability and world-head reliability of x (thinking in M) with respect to f is greater than with respect to any other M-function, this is neither sufficient nor necessary. - We do not know by which attribution function the speaker goes. - Like > Quaddition.
I 87
Quaddition/reliability/relation theory/belief/Schiffer: if Ralph does not understand anything about mathematics : There is no difference between two attribution functions (a) correct addition, b) Quaddition). - Because they provide the same values for manageable numbers - and are not discernible for inconceivably large numbers because they are incomprehensible.
I 104
SchifferVsReliability Theory: the functional relation that is correlated by the reliability theory with "true of" has, as one of its realizations "arthritis"> shmarthritis. - Solution: there must be an "excellent role".
I 104
Reliability Theory/Schiffer: Solution: adequacy by disquotation schema. - probability that M-function f* exists is high, given that x s believes and f*(s) e.g. is about the stock market. - (S), i.e. we assume that the people usually believe and know something true what they are talking about.)
I 105
Field: if functional theory for mentalese, then the reliability theory is indispensable.

Schi I
St. Schiffer
Remnants of Meaning Cambridge 1987

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