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EMD II 112ff
Disjunction/Verification/Meaning Theory/Dummett: quite different than in the intuitionist logic: e.g. it was either an even or odd number of geese on the Capitol - should not have to guarantee that any one of the disjuncts can be verified - then the law of the excluded middle is assertible even if the sentence itself is undecidable.
EMD II 123
Verificationist Meaning Theory/Dummett: results from the assumption that we cannot have any concept of a fact that we cannot see - Important argument: then the non-occurrence of a non-discernible fact is not in itself another fact -> anti-realism) - then the fact that an assertion cannot be seen as neither correct nor incorrect is to be shown sufficiently that it can be neither correct nor incorrect - that only leads to bivalency in realism.
EMD II 126
Verific. Meaning Theory/Correctness/Realism/Anti-Realism/Dummett:
a) Verificationist meaning theory: truth conditions visible: then two options:
1) assertion correct if shown that it is impossible to be incorrect -
2) incorrect, if not displayable as correct
b) Realism: truth conditions not visible: then there is no difference, because the incorrectness conditions always exist if the correctness conditions do not exist, and vice versa - II 126 but even here incorrectness prevails.
EMD II 126
Verificationist Meaning Theory/Dummett: needs only effective, decidable concepts - (not realistic) - but neither classical nor intuitionistic logic!
EMD II 126
Meaning Theory/Verification/Logical Form/Dummett: double negation: ~~A l- A and l-A > ~~A but not A l- ~~A - also: l- A v ~A, l- ~(A & ~A), ~(A & B) -ll- ~A v ~B, ~(A v B) l- ~A & ~B, but not: ~A & ~ B l- ~(A v B).

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