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I 91
Theoretical Terms/TT: are defined in behaviorist psychology not only not in terms of open behavior, but neither in terms of nerves, synapses, neuron irritations, etc. A behaviorist theory of behavior is not as such already a physiological explanation of behavior. For a structure of theoretical concepts to be suitable to provide explanations for behavior, it must be impossible to indentify the theoretical concepts with the concepts of neurophysiology. However, you operate under a certain regulative ideal, the ideal of a coherent system.
The behavioral theory is not fixed from the outset to a physiological identification of all its concepts.
II 325
Action: fundamental beliefs are expressed in uniformity of behavior. This does not mean that no deviations are possible, but only that the representation of a principle is in any case also characterized by uniformity of behavior.

Sell I
W. Sellars
Der Empirismus und die Philosophie des Geistes Paderborn 1999

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