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Comparison/Possible world/Po.wo./Similarity/Similarity metric/Difference/Lewis: Two possible worlds never differ in only a fact; if at all, then there is immediately an infinite number of differences - Analysis 1: only one most similar world - LewisVs: E.g. Bizet/Verdi: two equally similar worlds: both French/Italian - the next (closest) world does not exist! - Analysis 2: several similar possible worlds - Solution: van Fraassen: Supervaluation: arbitrarily chosen next world.
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Comparison/Counter comparison/Counterfactual conditional/ indexing/Lewis: If my yacht had been longer, I would have been happier. - 2nd World j: my yacht is longer than in i (1st World) - 3) every additional world where both is true is closer than one where the yacht is longer, but I am still not happier. - (Always in relation to the 1st World i).

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LwCl I
Cl. I. Lewis
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