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I 134
Change/Event/Simons: actually events cannot change. - Exceptions: E.g. the confrontation became more heated. - E.g. The wedding party was moved into the house. - Solution: in reality, we are talking about the involved continuants.
I 135
Change/Simons: change in one variable (vector or scalar, e.g. acceleration) is a measure of change, not change in itself.
I 176
Change/Simons: but it is the whole continuant, not just a part that has these different properties in succession. Attribution/Change: it follows that the attribution of properties to a continuant normally must specify the point in time as well.
I 193
Part/Change/Flux/Shift/SimonsVsChisholm: if a small part is cut off a table, then this is not a table. - ChisholmVsVs: it is: because it was there before, it must be a table. - Solution/Quine: out of the many simultaneously entangled sums that could all be a table only that one should count as a table which is not embedded in the others. - -Tables are meant to mutually exclude each other.

Si I
P. Simons
Parts Oxford New York 1987

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