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Bertrand Russell
Variables/Russell/Goedel: only to enable truth function. - Finite/Infinite/Ramsey: the problem of solving infinite propositions is not so critical. - Gödel: then Russell’s Apercu that propositions about classes can be interpreted as propositions about their elements literally becomes true, provided that n is the number of the (finite) individuals in the world, and provided we neglect the zero class.
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Pseudo-variable/Peano/Russell: the symbol (x). φ x denotes a particular proposition and there is no sense of difference between (x). j x and (y). φ y if they occur in the same context. - ((s)> Quine: alphabetical variant) - o is x in (x) φ x not an ambiguous part of an expression and such an expression itself remains the bearer of a very specific meaning despite the ambiguity of the x in φ x. - pseudo-variables: exist if the extension does not go over the entire range - a proposition with an state of affairs x is not a function of x. - Extension: the function of which all or some values ​​are asserted.
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Ambiguous assertion and the real variable: any arbitrary value φ x of the function φ x^ can be asserted. - Real Variable: φx. - If x varies, a different proposition results.
I 30
Pseudo-variable: is obtained if we put a universal quantifier before it.
I 73
Pseudo-Variable: several poss. values ​​can be meant. - Descriptions always contain pseudo-variables - sentences without pseudo-variables: observation sentences E.g. This is red.
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Pseudo-Variable/Principia Mathematica/Russell/(s): E.g. (y).φ(x,y), which is a function of x - here y is a pseudo-variable, x is the real variable. - ((s) E.g. everything smaller than x - instead of y it could also say z here).

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