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Incomplete symbols: This is an expression by B. Russell for phrases that cannot stand alone to be meaningful. (B. Russell, “On Denoting, in Mind”, New Series, Vol. 14, No. 56. (Oct. 1905), pp. 479-493.) For example, descriptions such as “the fattest man”. In “Principia Mathematica” Russell, however, distinguishes names as complete symbols from descriptions as incomplete symbols. What is crucial here is that the context or the use of the expression must contribute to the definition. See also subsententials, compositionality, Frege-Principle, names, descriptions.

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I 64f
Def incomplete Symbol/Principia Mathematica/Russell: E.g. proposition or sentence. (Contrast:. Judgment that is already complete because it brings together perception and sentence about the perception).
I 65
E.g. the proposition Socrates is a human being requires some kind of supplement. - But if I judge the same wording, the corresponding judgement is complete - although no explicit amendment was made to the proposition.
I 64
Incomplete Symbol/Principia Mathematica/Russell: sentence or proposition - complete: Judgment (brings together sentence and perception).
I 95
Description/name/proper name/Principia Mathematica/Russell: E.g. round square is a description, not a proper name. - ((s) so names are not abbreviated descriptions.) - Description: incomplete. - Name/Russell: complete, complete symbol.
I 95
Incomplete symbols: formulas in mathematics: only useful in use - descriptions, remain undetermined. - Symbol for classes.
I 95f
Complete symbols: proper names: E.g. Socrates.
III 117
Def incomplete symbols/Russell/Flor: class names, or expressions that contain class names and thus can be replaced by other symbols Example "all humans" "some people": - (logical fictions).

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