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Indistinguishability: when indistinguishability is used as an epistemic concept, an identity cannot be deduced from a given indistinguishability, e.g. in the case of mistaken material samples or color hues close to each other. If indistinguishability is determined with respect to a selected property, it is unproblematic. In the case of elementary particles, a complete description does not always lead to distinguishability. See also Leibniz's Law, Leibniz Principle, identity, partial identity, identification, distinctions, four dimensionalism.

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I 156
Distinguishability/Stalnaker: every thing possibly distinguishable. - Because possibly distinguishable things may be distinguished by their modal properties. - But distinguishable things are not necessarily distinguishable. - Distinctions may be missing in other possible worlds - For that we need an asymmetrical accessibility relation. - That means you cannot look back. - Information about the distinction is lost.
I 160
Solution: Timeliness Operator/Williamson/(s). in the actual world ... the information about each possible world accessible from the actual world is reflected in the actual world and therefore also in every other possible world in the model.
I 156f
Distinguishability/Diversity/Stalnaker: in contrast, necessary diversity in the standard semantics is valid. - But not in the counterpart theory.

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Sta I
R. Stalnaker
Ways a World may be Oxford New York 2003

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