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Under-determination, philosophy: contrary to e.g. geometric figures, no everyday object is fully described. An object is under-determined, if not all features belonging to its concept can be assigned with a value. The under-determinateness of theories is the problem that, even if an object is fully described in the framework of a theory, various other, non-equivalent theories can still apply to it. See also determinateness, uncertainty of translation, Gavagai, definition, criteria, certainty, quantum mechanics.

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Noam Chomsky

I 337
Underdetermination/Indeterminacy/Theory/ChomskyVsQuine: each hypothesis goes beyond the data, otherwise it would be uninteresting.

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Cho I
N. Chomsky
Aspekte der Syntaxtheorie Frankfurt 1978

Cho II
N. Chomsky
Language and Mind Cambridge 2006

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