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Impossible World: possible worlds are determined by counterfactual descriptions, specifying conditions for the existence of objects or laws, or a listing of instanced properties. The existence of an impossible world is already excluded by the concept. However, an impossible world can e.g. be characterized by the fact that in it all propositions are true. Then, for an arbitrary sentence A applies A is true and non-A is true. Thus, existence is excluded for every object and property. See also possible worlds, modal logic, necessity, possibility, possible world semantics.

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I 58
Contradiction/LewisVsimpossible world/Lewis: There is no object, no matter how fantastic, about which one could say the truth by contradicting oneself.
I 58
Impossible world/Stalnaker: problem: if it is defined by a contradiction P and ~P. - Then this contradiction is transmitted to the real world - through the modal operator in w, P. - Because it is then true in the real world that it is true in the other possible world.
I 59
Another problem: if there is a impossible world., the possible world with P and those with ~P are no longer complements. - Problem: even the most bizarre possible world will not be at the same time in a set of possible worlds and its complement.
I 62
Solution: New Def impossible world: about which a contradiction is true - This does not makes the real world impossible.
I 63
Impossible world/Actualism/Stalnaker: the actualist has no problems with impossible world, because he can simply understand them as conflicting sets of propositions. - LewisVs/LewisVsreplacement world: conversely, propositions are sets of possible worlds.

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Sta I
R. Stalnaker
Ways a World may be Oxford New York 2003

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