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Armstrong II 18
Universals/Lewis/Armstrong: economical theory: only postulate those properties and relations that are needed a posteriori for a scientific approach.
Arm II 181
Universals/Lewis/Armstrong: I am not set on them. - More neutral: truth supervenes on what things there are and what completely natural properties and relations they instantiate. - Negative existence theorems and = predications are innocent- LewisVsphenomenalistic counterfactual conditionals (VsCounterfactual conditionals). - ((s) my perception would have been somewhat different.)
Lewis V 244
Universal/Armstrong/Lewis: properties are not universals, - and not a substitute for universals. - And vice versa, properties are probably not a substitute for universals. - Lewis: I am committed to properties - If universals, then only a few. - Which there are, is important for the sciences. - Universals are not divisible. - Otherwise, they lead to exact duplicates. - None of this applies to properties.

D. Lewis
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LwCl I
Cl. I. Lewis
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AR II = Disp
D. M. Armstrong

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D. Armstrong
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