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Unintended Models, philosophy: a model results from a formula in logic, if its interpretation - the insertion of values instead of the free variables - gives a true statement. For axiom systems, one speaks of the set of models that the system allows to construct. The problem of the unintended models arises when a statement obtained in the system is indeterminate in one respect, so that in turn it allows different interpretations. See also indeterminacy.

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Horwich I 402
Model/theory/interpretation/unintended model/Putnam: because the model is not fixed, regardless of the theory, T1 will be true in the model - that means, from the perspective of a meta-theory. True in all permitted models from the perspective of a theory, in which the terms of T1 do not refer from the start. - S: is then "analytical", but rather in the sense of Kant's "synthetic a priori": because "analytical" belongs more to the form of representation, and not to the "content". - It may be wrong of the world (as opposed to the WORLD), because the world is not independent of our description.

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H. Putnam
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