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II 264
Unintended/Non-standard model/NSM/Field: Problem: we cannot simply say that the non-standard model is unintended.
II 265
Non-disquotational view: here it is only meaningful to speak of "unintended", if we can state by what facts about our practice these models are unintend - and precisely because these models make each of our sentences just as true, the specification of such facts appears to be impossible.
II 267
Applying/Explanation/Observing/Field: our observation practice explains how our physical vocabulary applies to all that and only that to which it applies to. - That explains why some non-standard models are unintended.
II 319
Unintended Model/Interpretation/Putnam/Field: there is nothing in our use of the set theoretical predicates that could make an interpretation "unintended". - (VsObjectivity of mathematics). - FieldVsPutnam: but this cannot be extended to the number theory.
II 320
Not every objective statement is formalizable. - E.g. Consequences with the quantifier "only finitely many".

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H. Field
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